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WordStream released their 25 Most Expensive Keywords in AdWords – 2017 Edition! recently to illustrate the top Google Adwords PPC keyword search terms.

Tops this year include business services at $58.64 average CPC, bail bonds at $58.48 average CPC, casino at $58.48 average CPC and lawyer at $54.86 average CPC.

Using keyword domains that contain popular (and expensive) keywords – along with a microsite with content about that keyword that links back to your main site – is a proven technique to capture potential customers via paid and organic search WHO ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING for YOUR PRODUCT or YOUR SERVICE.

For instance, injury lawyer is among the top "lawyer" searches. A site like gives the searcher immediate visual signals that what they seek can be found at that site!

Released in 2014, the new generic top-level domains or gTLDs (like .money, .casino or .cash) open new domain opportunities and methods to reach customers: whether used in paid search, social media campaigns or print marketing.

These generic endings are perfect when creating meaningful word pairs (like as there is no need to capitalize anything to convey the meaning: the dot in the middle is a visual break that makes reading easier!

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